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A sneak peek invitation for members the 7-Figure Goddess community…
Introducing a Brand NEW 6-Month Money Magic Immersion for 2017:


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Where ancient wisdom meets real-world strategy to release all barriers to money, magnetize abundance and manifest money on command.

Beautiful Goddess!

If you follow me on Facebook or are in one of our programs, you may be aware that BIG changes are afoot behind the scenes in my business.

Many women in our community have been reaching out and asking, “What’s going on?” and… “What’s next?”

I’m writing this note to answer those questions! And to give you a sneak peek into the first of my brand NEW offerings: an immersion into money & magic that can change your financial life forever.

First Things First: The BIG News… 🙂

I’m taking my business in a bold new direction – one that has been a long time in coming.

For years, I’ve woven magic & metaphysical teachings into all of my business programs. Our clients love this aspect of my work because it speaks to their souls – and helps them create phenomenal results.

Teaching magic has always been my calling. And it’s been made clear to me that NOW is the time to clear everything else away to step into it, 1000%.

So in 2017, I’m putting business coaching on pause so I can bring a series of new programs to the world.

These programs are true magical trainings – ancient teachings on activating YOUR Divine Power To Create – grounded firmly in the “physical plane,” so that you reap real, tangible results.

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What Do I Mean By “Magic” And “Magical Training”?

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When I say “magic,” I am not talking about stage magic.

magicNor am I talking about Harry Potter-style magic. (Though magical work can be even more extraordinary. ;))

Magic is the art of creating change in alignment with your Higher Self.

Magic recognizes that, at our core, we are all Divine Beings. (For real.)

While one benefit of magical study is to activate our power to make things happen (manifesting), the real goal of magic is to return to our true nature as Divine. To clear and transform all that is Not Us (ego) and walk the world as our Divine selves.

Fear, uncertainty, doubt, inadequacy… all of these are created by our ego mind and conditioning. (Both of which serve a powerful purpose – no demonizing the ego here.)

Underneath all of that is the YOU that is unapologetic, confident, bold, unstoppable… limitless.

The goal of magic is to bring Her to the forefront. To walk in the world as the Goddess you are, and create your life sourced from the wisdom of your Divinity.

There has never been a time in our lifetime as important as this moment, for your Divine self to be revealed, reveled, alive.

So what does this shift mean for YOU
as a part of our 7-Figure Goddess circle?

It means I’m more committed to YOU
and YOUR growth than ever before!

I believe to my core that there is NO ability more important than that of conscious co-creation. Especially for coaches, mentors, teachers and way-showers.

So over the next year, I will be launching programs designed to awaken your Divine Power to Co-Create, so you can experience all you’re truly meant to be, do and have in this lifetime.

One of these offerings is especially dear to me. It has been brewing for years – all the way back to when I got the call to teach magic.

Now that it’s here, I can’t wait to share it with you!

But before I do, a request…

You’re already well aware that our rational, linear thinking mind kinda-sorta-HATES the idea of change.

Magic is NOT about the linear mind. Magic is about breaking free of the limits the linear mind imposes, so you can experience life without limits.

So … pay close attention to your energy and your body as you read.

If you feel tingling, excitement, any other YES signals from your Higher Knowing… trust that.

Skip the linear mind’s efforts to control you, and take the next step – which is simply to have a conversation to find out if this program is right for you. (More on that in a bit.)

And now, without further ado…
it’s my honor to invite you to…

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An Immersion Into In Real Money Magic – Brand NEW for 2017!

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Be A Money Magnet is a 6-month immersion program into the art of manifesting money: consistently, effortlessly and on command.

It’s about making yourself so attractive to money that you magnetize more just by virtue of who you’re BE-ing.

My goal is simple:

To show you how to attract money naturally, keep it without effort, and call it in with ease – whenever you choose, in whatever amount you choose.

On top of all that, we’ll be implementing sacred-yet-practical money rituals that the wealthy have used for centuries to not just make money (which is actually pretty easy once you know how), but grow it.

This is about activating your Divine ability to manifest money in large amounts so you can use it to create massive change for yourself and others.

It’s about getting your money magnetism under YOUR command so you can get on with what you’re here to do!

WHY Be A Money Magnet?

Why YOU?
And Why NOW?

If you have offers – i.e., programs with clients in them – then you already have at least one “money channel” – a way for Spirit to flow money to you.

And that’s huge!!

Frankly, most people never discover how to create money outside of a J.O.B. If you’re already bringing in clients and making money in your business, you’re kicking ass and taking names in a way that most people will never learn!

But here’s the problem…

If you want to transform your money story permanently… if you want to become magnetic to money so that you control it instead of it controlling you…

… knowing the mechanics of business – getting clients, sales funnels, all the marketing fiddly bits that are sucking up HOURS of your time – is not enough.

Indeed… get too caught up in “the fiddly bits” and you wind up where 99.9999% of business owners live: acting out the belief that they have to work hard and trade their life force for money!

Now, it’s not that those things are important. It’s just that you probably don’t yet understand what magicians and metaphysicians have always known…

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90% of your money magnetism is about energy.

(Just 10% is execution.)

Energy includes YOUR personal energy – NOT your physical exertion – AND using the Creative Energy that is all around us in the right way.

You were not meant to “work” for money.

You were not built for struggle.

The great news is… there is a better way.

The great news is, the same spiritual tools that many, many rich and successful people have used behind the scenes for years to grow their fortunes are also available to YOU.

When you understand the energetic principles of money attraction and live in alignment with them, you can’t help but attract opportunities bring in more money.

Take action on those opportunities and the money flows in.

So WHY is it so important for you to learn this NOW?

Because YOU are a Feminine Spiritual Leader! (You would not be reading this with serious intention were that not so.)

That means you empower others to change their lives. And yet, there is no real empowerment without financial empowerment.

I know this can be confronting and hard to hear. But stay with me.

As change agents – coaches, practitioners, healers, etc – we are in the business of empowering others. But how can we REALLY do that at the highest level (and in some cases, at all) if we are not financially empowered first?

Answer: you can’t.

elizabeth-beachYes, of COURSE your work is transformational no matter what! But you cannot serve in your highest way when you still have money drama on any level.

Plus… when you are not financially empowered, your clients can tell something is “off” energetically. They will model you, consciously and unconsciously. “Who you BE” will have a direct bearing on their results – even if you’re not teaching on money!!

Most of all – you’ll attract clients with the same dramas, and get locked into their struggles, usually unconsciously.

All of this is why I’ve devoted the past 7 years of my life to the study and practice of magic as it pertains to money.

And with the craziness that has taken over our collective consciousness this election season, there has never been a more important time to create your own personal economy.

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So why am I so passionate about teaching you how to manifest money on command?

Because I know firsthand how it can change your life!

Early in my coaching career, I spent two years in the feast-or-famine cycle – and this was after quitting a 6-figure job!

Then I made a decision that my experience was going to be different.
30 days after that decision, I’d manifested $20,000.

It was after that experience 8 years ago that I decided that I was going to master money manifestation. I became one of the leading mentors teaching high-end pricing and packaging to service professionals – well BEFORE it became the “hot tactic” to teach.

Since then, I’ve generated in over $5 million in revenue through my company. I’ve also released over $100k in debt – when everyone told me to declare bankruptcy – and my family’s personal savings has increased 10x.

Meanwhile, our clients offer $10k-$50k programs and have gone from making zero money to $10k, $20k, $50k+ months and up – consistently. All while I was working from home raising my daughter.

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The Results You Can Expect…

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Straight up: I’m NOT going to promise that by the end of this program, you will be living like Beyoncé, forever and ever amen.

Nor am I going to promise that ALL your money issues will magically be erased. (Money mastery is NOT a six-months-and-done deal!)

elizabethWhat you CAN expect is massive transformation in your money life immediately when you jump in and play full out. You CAN expect a newfound command of money, and adeptness in manifesting money.

In Be A Money Magnet, you are saying YES to a whole new money path. Then we’re going to anchor that in with magical work and practical steps.

The result? The “new way” will show up immediately – as soon as you allow it.

  • You’ll understand how this magnetizing money game really works (what most people never figure out in their lifetime)
  • If you apply what I teach you and take the aligned actions required – you’ll create a money miracle in this program (and recoup your investment, 2x-10x)
  • You’ll shift old patterns that have been holding you back with money until now.
  • You’ll clear out old “money gunk” and blocks you didn’t know you had!
  • You will learn exactly how to handle the fear and old conditioning that causes you to draw back when your Higher Self wants to move forward.
  • You’ll learn how to let go of judgment that blocks money. You will open new money channels, if you so choose.
  • You’ll be immersed in creating REAL results for six months straight – putting you well on the way to mastery
  • Did I mention the money miracle? 🙂

The size of that miracle is up to you, but you can easily call in 2-10x your investment, while you’re in the program.

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Above all, you’ll create a new EXPERIENCE with money that will ripple out to every other area of your life.

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The EXPERIENCE of making money changes you like nothing else.

You can have all the belief-busting techniques in the world… but only a new experience re-wires your brain for good. Because you’ll be getting out of your “head” and “thinking about it” and getting this sacred knowledge into your body.

THAT’S our endgame in Be A Money Magnet!

PLUS you’ll have the metaphysical wisdom most never learn, and will have an entire suite of money-magetizing tools that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Pretty cool, right? (I freakin’ LOVE this stuff!)

Here’s How We’re Going To Roll Together…

(how the program will flow)

elizabeth-includedWe begin with a virtual 1-day workshop, where I’ll give you the core processes we’ll use, plus essential practices to magnetize + manifest money, fast. (Can’t be there live? The whole thing will be recorded.)

Then, we’ll dive right in and put what you learn to good use!

Three weeks of the month, you’ll receive a short (30 minutes or less) teaching video, to deepen your skillset in money magic and understanding of Universal Truth.

Two weeks out of the month, we’ll meet on the phone for coaching, accountability and energetic upgrades.

Plus we’ll have a private Facebook group where you can stay plugged into the community, 24×7, along with getting coaching with me between calls.

Our practicum will last for 6 months. One week per month we’ll take a break from calls and teaching – so you can integrate what you’re learning, while you continue to implement.

What’s Included in Be A Money Magnet (6-month immersion program):

  • 1-Day Teaching Intensive (held virtually, so you can attend from anywhere in the world)
  • Extended toolkit of money-magnetizing practices, rituals, spiritual and practical wisdom, imparted in 18 short teaching videos
  • 12 LIVE group coaching & Q+A calls with me
  • Meditations, clearings and energetic upgrades as needed throughout the program
  • Private Facebook community
  • Exactly what you need to know in order to master the art of magnetizing & manifesting money – forever!

bonusesYou’ll also receive these bonuses:

  • Irresistible High-End Offers Crash Course ($497 Value)
  • Transformational Selling For High-End Sales ($497 Value)
  • Feminine Magic® Home Learning Program ($997 Value)
  • Manifesting Freedom From Debt Training ($297 Value)
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Be A Money Magnet begins in JUNE, 2017, and runs for 6 months.

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But I don’t want you to wait that long! So I’ve come up with a way for us to dive in together and begin the journey immediately.

HOW, you ask?

I have two special bonuses available only to YOU as a member of the 7-Figure Goddess community – and only for this early enrollment period.


Big Bonus #1: Living In Overflow Masterclass (Value: $2000):

The very first step to becoming magnetic to money is living in the energy of SURPLUS, instead of scarcity.

Surplus. Overflow. More than enough.

So before Be A Money Magnet begins, we’re going to dive in and create SURPLUS in your life and business right away. (Yes, you do have surplus!)

I’m going to walk you through some very practical tools that I’ve not seen taught before, plus magical practices. Both will empower you to create OVERFLOW very, very quickly.

These practices will have you in command of your money, right from the start.

PLUS we’ll meet for 5 monthly calls in January through May! These are LIVE group calls with me, and will include teaching, coaching and energy work.



Big Bonus #2: Goddess Business School® (Value: $5000+):

We’re putting all business coaching on pause indefinitely as we roll out magical trainings in the new year.

And yet – some of you want the how-to and support that Goddess Business School® provides.

So… when you register for Be A Money Magnet NOW during our enrollment period, I’ll gift you with:

  • The entire Goddess Business School® curriculum, PLUS..
  • Access to our 3x monthly Q+A calls, through May (!!!)

This is an encyclopedia of tried-and-true, evergreen business training that you will return to again and again. The curriculum is an entire step-by-step system to take your transformational service business to 6-figures and beyond – it’s worth well over $5000 on its own.

The Q+A calls are a way for you to hit the ground running with your money manifesting, using this system – and to get support while you do it!


Big Bonus #3: Jumpstart 1-Day Intensive To Teach You The Fundamentals Of Money Magic

I know you don’t want to wait to start manifesting!  We’ll gather together in January for an early bird 1-Day Intensive where I’ll teach you the money manifesting fundamentals we’ll be working with, so you can get started if you so choose.

Who is positioned to have the BEST
success in Be A Money Magnet?

(Who is the program FOR?)

Be A Money Magnet is for high achievers and I’m going to be more selective than ever about who joins us.

  • While there are no business income requirements per se, you must have a business that is already making money, with offerings you currently enroll, and believe in.
  • You must be solid in your business model. This is not the place to be in indecision or “blow it all up and start over” mode.
  • You MUST be a self-starter, and must demonstrate to our enrollment team that you have a history of taking action and creating results.
  • You MUST take 100% responsibility for your results and your life.
  • You must be truly ready, willing, able and committed to changing your financial life for good!

WHY all these requirements?

Because this money magic & manifesting stuff is not for sissies! You are going to be hitting up against every resistance you have. And I will be asking you to move through that resistance because on the other side is the start of real freedom.

But that’s the beautiful thing about it, you see. When you make this commitment to yourself and follow through – you will change profoundly in ways you can’t imagine. Your confidence will skyrocket. You will be unstoppable.

Who is this NOT a fit for?

  • It’s NOT for complete newbies. (This is not a “how to get clients” program and is not a substitute for business training.)
  • It’s NOT for you if you need a lot of hand-holding – there is no private coaching.
  • It’s NOT for you if you are still questioning who you work with, what you offer and what you want to say. It’s NOT the place for a complete business model overhaul.
  • It’s NOT for you if you’re prone to quitting, asking for refunds (there are none), signing up for programs and backing out, signing up and then letting “life circumstances” get in the way, emailing later saying that something came up or you got a better offer or our enrollment team used “tactics” on you (they didn’t).
  • It’s definitely not for you if you are looking for me to save you, or you are looking for an excuse to blame me or anyone else for your results.

Finally, Be A Money Magnet is NOT for you if you are in bigtime money scarcity, desperation or believe yourself to be so strapped for cash that it is taking all of your focus. Money magnetism comes from surplus, and surplus can only be created from a place of resourcefulness.

If you’re in this situation, be kind to yourself AND it’s time to take steps to shift this energy. Reach out to our team at for some resources that will help.

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Excited At The Possibility Of Truly Mastering The Art Of Manifesting Money?

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Here’s what to do next…

Enrollment in Be A Money Magnet is by application only. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule your interview with our enrollment team.
  2. Once you’ve booked your interview, fill out the application. (You’ll see the application after you book a time.)
  3. Put your interview on your calendar
  4. Show up ready to have a powerful conversation to see if Be A Money Magnet is the next step for you!

IMPORTANT: You Must Book Your Conversation During Our End-Of-Year
Enrollment Period To Secure Your Big BONUSES ($7000++ value):

  • Living In The Overflow Master Class
  • The Entire Goddess Business School® Curriculum
  • Group coaching calls with me through May

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers…

When does Be A Money Magnet start?

It begins in June of 2017, and runs for 6 months.

What will I be doing in the meantime?

You will be participating in THREE powerful trainings to help you prepare for your Be A Money Magnet experience.

One is the Living In Overflow Master Class – where you’ll get your “money house” in order and I’ll help you find the surplus of money in your life. (I promise you already have one.) We’ll also be doing some preliminary money manifesting exercises to make sure you’re all set up for success when Be A Money Magnet officially begins in June.

The second is Goddess Business School® – our acclaimed 6-figure business training. You get the entire curriculum and ongoing coaching calls with me so you can stay in action.

Finally, we’ll have a 1-Day Intensive for early birds in JANUARY, where I’ll teach you the money manifesting fundamentals we’ll be using.  So you can put them to work right away, if you so choose.

Is Goddess Business School® going away for good?

No way! But it is going to shift into a new container. And that’s very likely NOT going to happen in 2017. This bonus will be the only way that you can access the content and business coaching with me.

What’s the investment?

We want to make sure that this is the right next step for you, so your success strategist will share the investment in the interview. While it is designed to be a stretch (this is a high-end program that will change your life forever), it’s also very doable. Our goal is to get you magnetizing money, NOT taking out a second mortgage to pay for coaching (not very magnetic).

Will I make my investment back in the program?

As always, that’s entirely up to you. Making your investment back is a matter of Cause and Effect. You have to show up for yourself. You have to take the actions required.

On my end, I’ve designed this program so that you can make 2x – 10x your investment back, easy.

This is not pie-in-the-sky. I’ve been one of the leading mentors in the transformation space for high-end offers for SEVEN YEARS NOW – well before the current flood of new coaches teaching high-end. My track record for coaching women to make money is well-established and well-documented.

And that’s all WITHOUT the metaphysical mojo that makes this program unlike anything you’ve ever taken before.

I’ve been using these metaphysical tools behind the scenes for 7 years. They have directly contributed to my own magnetizing of well over $5m in revenue during that time.

Is this just going to be a rehash of Platinum Program Secrets or your other business programs?

No freakin’way. Nor is it a rehash of “money coaching” exercises in other programs.

High-end programs are but ONE money channel. An awesome one to be sure. But just one. This program will teach you that there are infinite ways to make money, and have money working for you.

I do include a crash course on high-end offers and another on Transformational Selling – both as bonuses. Why? Because every business has the opportunity for a high-end offer. It’s an instant money channel for those who need to create one.

I will be sharing a brand new process on how to create high-end offers that I did NOT share in PPS. This information applies to ALL businesses, not just coaching / services.

In Be A Money Magnet, we are going to go much deeper into the energetics of attracting money, including how to make it a lot easier than you’ve allowed it to be up until now.

I don’t have a high-end offer yet.

I’ll show you how to create one. Plus you’ll have everything you need in Goddess Business School® to get started well before Be A Money Magnet begins.

Also – your money channels, of which your high-end offer is but one, is just ONE aspect of this program.

And truthfully – it’s not the most important part.

The magical work we’ll be doing, plus your behaviors with money, are just as important, if not MORE so, than your high-end offer.

It’s soooooo easy to get caught up in the minutia of your program. But to do that is to LIMIT yourself to one money channel. (It’s also another way to get caught up in the energy of distraction.)

I’m still pretty new in my business. I think I should wait on this…

Are you CLEAR on who you serve?
Are you CLEAR on the transformation you offer?
Are you willing to be uncomfortable, and take action without having everything “perfect”?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to move through whatever resistance comes up?
Are you willing to make decisions and honor your commitments? (To yourself, not to me…)

If you can hand-to-heart answer YES to all of these questions… you are at a perfect time to move forward.

Again, if you want to be a TRUE transformational leader – someone who is recognized as such – then you must get your money magnetism and money house in order – how you work with the energy of money and how it shows up in your life.

Aside from your results with clients, nothing will give you the credibility with your clients that being a money magnet will. Clients can SENSE when you have money issues, and it’s a total turn-off. Not to mention the fact that the clients who DO get through will either mirror you and pick up your bad habits (meep!), OR simply not get the results because your energy is off, OR have tons of money drama that mirrors your own.

You will not have the impact you want until you have your money mojo in place.

That is not to discount your or anyone’s amazing gifts, skills, talents and heart! I am, however, directly speaking to an energetic reality (and an elephant in the room in the transformation industry).

The sooner you really get your money life in alignment with where you want to GO, the better.

Holy crap! This sounds amazing… and honestly I just don’t think I’m ready for this. I need to work on my inner game. I need to do (XYZ) and then this.

If you are activated by reading this letter… if you are excited and there is a part of you that is a huge YES!!!!….

… then you are ready for this. Here’s why…

One, you would not even be seeing this opportunity unless you were ready to say yes to it. You cannot perceive something until it is ready to manifest. (And it’s ready to manifest NOW. All time is NOW, all we have is NOW.)

Two, all of what I said above in the last question applies here. Your money mojo is THE #1 thing you need to get handled if you are to be a true transformational leader. Transforming your money story IS a growth path, and it’s one you need to take if you want to have impact.

Three, one thing I know through experience is that our growth happens NOT while we are doing the “inner work” on the mountain top, but in the messiness of REAL LIFE.

If you have other stuff going on – guess what? So does everybody.

If you have other programs you’re participating in, guess what? So does everybody. (Back then I was learning this stuff, I was running five programs at the same time.)

You DO have to give money your attention. Part of the reason why you are not magnetizing money now is because you are not giving it the attention it requires.

The only way to do that is to prioritize. And part of money mastery is moving through the resistance of “I don’t wanna because I’m busy.” (Which – make no mistake – is just resistance.)

This is NOT about putting your life on pause, doing this, then coming back to real life.

This is about integrating REAL change into your body, where you will have it for life.

The best way to do that, I’ve found, is when you’re “busy.” Because you learn that being busy won’t kill you. Moving through resistance builds resiliency and your personal power.

In magic, we call this “being in the mystery.”

There is a part of you that wants to know how it all works out. We cannot know until we move forward. That’s part of the deal.

Truth is, if you are excited at the possibility…
If you are feeling called, just by reading this letter…

Then a very wise part of you may be
ASKING that you give yourself this gift!

Your next step?
Honor that part by booking your interview.
Apply now for Be A Money Magnet.

  1. Schedule your interview with our enrollment team.
  2. Once you’ve booked your interview, fill out the application. (You’ll see the application after you book a time.)
  3. Put your interview on your calendar
  4. Show up ready to have a powerful conversation to see if Be A Money Magnet is the next step for you!

IMPORTANT: You Must Book Your Conversation During Our End-Of-Year
Enrollment Period To Secure Your Big BONUSES ($7000++ value):

  • Living In The Overflow Master Class
  • The Entire Goddess Business School® Curriculum
  • Group coaching calls with me through May

If this is calling to you even a little bit – don’t wait.
Schedule your interview with our enrollment team.
There is no obligation in just having the conversation.

Whether you’re brand new to the 7-Figure Goddess circle or you’ve been with us for years… I want to end this note by saying thank you.

elizabeth-thankyouThank you for being a part of our community. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you on your entrepreneurial path.

If you’re 100% ready, willing, and committed to changing your experience with money forever – and BE-ing a role model for true financial and spiritual success – I would love, love, LOVE to work with you in this program.

Love & magic,


I was able to ease-fully and joyfully create my first high-end program AND earn $20,000 during its launch week. Now I am on my way to 7-figures AND feeling clear, on fire with passion, and standing in my heart-centered purpose.

Shasta Townsend


With Elizabeth’s help, I created my first $7500 offer and sold it within the first 60 days. Since then I have gone on to create 10k, 12k and even 14k packages, all while working 4-5 half-days per week.

Carolin Hauser


When I first came across Elizabeth’s work I was looking for ways to create high-end packages that would truly serve my clients, and give me the time and money freedom I wanted and needed, once and for all.

In first two months, I brought in $19,220, still in part-time hours. I covered my investment and achieved my goal of creating my first $10K month straight away.

Lisa Page


As a result of what I learned, I hit six figures in my first 8 months of business and was able to leave my old job at a university!

Bethany Webster


Soon after implementing Elizabeth’s system, I quickly earned my investment back and generated $9,500 from three new clients in two days!

I now have the tools to create a cash infusion whenever I need or desire money. Just a few days ago, I enrolled two new clients in less than 24 hours and generated what I used to make in one YEAR when I was working full-time and running my nonprofit!

Carla Stokes


Since I started working with Elizabeth, I have made more in 4 months than I did for all of 2014. The best part is that I’m on track to make six figures in the next few months while still only working 20 hours a week and being there for my kids.

Kathleen Murray


For quite some time I had followed Elizabeth’s posts about her rituals and the way she naturally uses magic in her business and I wanted to learn how to do it myself.

As a result, I manifested more money than ever before, not only through my clients and programs, but also through opening to other revenue streams. And I manifested what I thought would be my last Desire: my Dream Home, my little Paradise on Earth… and to be a millionaire!

Marcelle della Faille