Be A Money Magnet: The Biggest Myth That May Be Keeping You From “Going High End”

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What’s the #1 thing that stops people from offering a high-end program?

The belief that “nobody will pay for it.”

This is simply not true!

Did you know that statistically, up to 20% of your clients will ONLY pay for a premium level of service?

So if you’re NOT offering a high-end program, you’re missing out on your chance to make a huge difference to someone who otherwise may not even work with you.

I saw this in action when I made that invitation for my first high-end program.  I had 3 women step into a program at $10,000 (or it was $8500 if they paid in full), and 3 women step into 1-day Intensives at $3500.

I had been struggling to fill a low-end mastermind group at $1500 for 6 months (!) and an online course for $297.

None of my high-end clients wanted that.  They all wanted the high-end option.  (One of my very first $10k clients was a Tarot deck designer.)

Most heart-centered solopreneurs look at the people in front of them and decide “these people can’t pay” or “they don’t have the money.”   This is a boundaries issue.

The truth is, you have no idea what they can pay or will pay.  Even if you think you do.

It’s easy to believe their money stories or what your eyes tell you.  But we’ve all had that experience when someone says “I can’t afford it” and then 2 weeks later, they’ve hired someone else or taken a trip to Disneyland.

You don’t serve people by buying into their stories.  You also don’t serve them by bringing your energy down to the lower vibration of excuses.

We want to lift people UP by creating a space of possibility and giving them an empowered choice.   The best part?  There are people in your world who are waiting for you to do just that!  Your clients secretly want you to hold them to a higher standard of greatness!

Now, to understand why clients will invest in a high-end program with you (even the ones you’re convinced won’t pay or aren’t able to pay) – you have to understand what high-end clients are really investing in.

When a client invests in a high-end program, they are investing in an OUTCOME.  

They want…

  • A better relationship or to find their life partner
  • To lose weight, have a healthy relationship with food, or have more energy
  • To get pregnant
  • To communicate better with their children
  • To attract clients or grow their business
  • A better sex life

People invest in outcomes because they are frustrated and fed up with how things are.   They realize that their way is no longer working and their two options are to continue to suffer with the problem, or get help.

Clients also invest in programs they really, really want – when the outcome is really juicy.  High-end destination retreats are a great example of this.  Will people move mountains to find $15,000 to do a destination intensive, in, say, Paris or Tuscany?  Yes

Now notice that this is much different from selling your time! 

When you start selling your services based on outcomes instead of selling your time, you are free of limits on your income related to time.  Indeed, your clients value outcomes more than time.   This is another reason why it’s actually easier to sell high-end programs than “dollars for hours” packages or low-end classes.  And when you’re helping a client with an outcome instead of selling time, you can charge more for your services with integrity.

High-end clients also invest in:

  • The high level of attention, plus how you structure your program, helps clients create results fast, which is what they want.  Clients will invest to get a problem taken care of in less time.
  • Personal attention and access to you. Personal attention is hugely valuable, especially now! Clients want access to their coach, practitioner, healer, mentor or teacher.  (Caution: Don’t confuse access to you with giving away a ton of time. Access doesn’t have to require a ton of time.)
  • Step-by-Step How-To. Clients want to be shown how to solve their problem.  and will invest in a streamlined, step-by-step system to achieve an outcome, and given the support to DO it.
  • This is the biggie!  Up to 60% of what clients are paying for is the accountability to get it done.  They are investing in their own commitment.

Another question we hear:

“Do I have to be a business coach to offer high-end programs?” 

Not at all!  We’ve taught the high-end model to Feng Shui consultants, health coaches, relationship coaches, spiritual life coaches, massage therapists, energy healers, yoga instructors, fertility consultants, acupuncturists and more.

One of our past clients is an energy healer and a transmitter of a specific Divine god-energy – and it doesn’t get more esoteric than that!  Her first high-end launch was HIGH five-figures.

You don’t have to teach clients how to make money and you don’t have to be the “best” at what you do.  You just need to help them with a specific problem or challenge they want solved, and will INVEST in to get solved.

So now that we’ve busted up that myth, I invite you to go ahead and create YOUR high-end offer.  Join us for a complimentary 3-part video series that will give you the basics of how to do just that.  Go here to register for the video series.

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